Suede: Prototyping Tool for Speech User Interfaces

More from the folks at UC Berkeley's Group for User Interface Research, "Speech-based user interfaces are growing in popularity. Unfortunately, the technology expertise required to build speech UIs precludes many individuals from participating in the speech interface design process. Furthermore, the time and knowledge costs of building even simple speech systems make it difficult for designers to iteratively design speech UIs. We have developed SUEDE, a speech interface prototyping tool allowing designers to rapidly create prompt/response speech interfaces. It offers an electronically supported Wizard of Oz (WOz) technique that captures test data, allowing designers to analyze the interface after testing. This informal tool enables user interface designers, even non-experts, to quickly create, test, and analyze speech UI prototypes. " Check out Suede...

Posted by seralat at 04:07 PM on July 02, 2002
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