Automatic for the User

Mary Deaton, in her September 2001 Web Shui column, comments on aspects of usability analysis appropriate for automated testing. "Potential clients of mine regularly complain that user-centric design costs too much to build. Usability testing in particular is said to be too expensive. To meet cost-conscious demands, a few enterprising dot-commers have produced tools that they claim will monitor your site, then tell you how to increase its usability. But a boxed solution seems too good to be true when it comes to usability.... I don't mean to imply that automation tools have no use for Web builders hoping to improve site usability. But you must consider the worth of a particular tool in your effort to improve usability and decide if the added value offsets the cost. " Read the article...

Posted by seralat at 05:15 PM on July 14, 2002
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