Fortune 500 Revisited: Current Trends in Sitemap Design

"In our first issue of Usability News, we reported a study that surveyed the top Fortune 500 companiesí web sites for the use of sitemaps (Bernard, 1999a). This study found that nearly half (46%) of the web sites did not have a sitemap of any kind. Of the half that did have a sitemap, 89% used a hierarchical textual representation and 11% displayed a graphical depiction of the site. Now that a few years have passed, we thought it might be interesting to review those sites again (or rather the current list of Fortune 500 companies) and see how things have changed." From an article by Mark C. Russell in Usability News, a project of Wichita State's Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL). Read the article... [via Webword]

Posted by seralat at 12:42 PM on July 26, 2002
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