Extreme Programming and User-Centered Design

Three recent articles in UsabilityNews address the relationship between extreme programming (XP) and user-centered design, providing a kind of point-counterpoint-point on the issue.

  • "DIS 2002: Xtreme Programming makes Good Partner to User-Centred Design," was a short UN news piece describing how "a team from Xerox PARC showed the audience at the Designing Interactive Systems 2002 conference that XP and UCD can be complementary."
  • "Response: Why XP and UX have Something in Common," presented a different take on the subject from George Olsen, who argues that the XP approach should be separated from the "Big UpFront Design" that UCD requires because XP deals not with interface issues but with functionality.
  • "Response: The Nature of XP," is a response to George Olsen's article by William Petri, in which he argues that the nature of XP, its iterative development cycle and requirement to satisfy client-defined tests makes XP an excellent complement to UCD.

Posted by seralat at 03:05 PM on September 12, 2002
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