SIMS 202: Information Organization and Retrieval

"This course will introduce you to the principles of information storage and retrieval systems and databases. You will learn how effective information search and retrieval is interrelated with the organization and description of information to be retrieved. You will also learn to use a set of tools and procedures for organizing information, and will become familiar with the techniques involved in conducting effective searches of print and online information resources. The course also introduces the major types of information retrieval systems, the different theoretical foundations underlying these systems, and the methods and measures that can be used to evaluate& them." This is a great introductory class that Marti Hearst and Ray Larson of UC Berkeley's School of Information Managment and Systems teach and were kind enough to post the contents of online. Review the 1998 version of the course... or Review the course as it was last taught in Fall 2000...

Posted by seralat at 08:47 PM on October 14, 2002
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