According to Sean Carton's on ClickZ Today article, this is "The Best IA Tool You Never Heard Of". Sean says, "It really shines as an IA tool. It allows you to quickly prototype maps of information, establishing links between ideas (or pages or nodes), sites, or other files. Tinderbox is the perfect replacement for those "sticky note" sessions so many information architects are used to. Just start brainstorming, get all the elements that need to be on your site in one place, view them in one of five different views, arrange, link --and you're ready to go. Tinderbox even exports as HTML, so it's possible to create entire prototype sites from your Tinderbox sessions." I haven't used it, but it sounds interesting. Check out Tinderbox...

Posted by seralat at 08:11 PM on October 26, 2002
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