Transitional Volatility in Web Navigation: Usability Metrics and User Behavior

David Danielson's Master's thesis explores the nature of the navigation in an online environment, with particular emphasis on the moment of transition from one screen to another.

"This thesis is composed of three main parts. Part I will provide a background discussion of intra-site Web navigation. In it, we will consider the major players in the Web navigation process: the hyperlink, navigational mechanism, navigational scheme, page, site, task, and user.... Part II will discuss ways of measuring and assessing the complex interaction between user, task, and Web site, beginning with an overview of the research approach used in this thesis, namely click-stream analysis. We will pay special attention to a userís level of disorientation, her mental models of the site and of her navigation history, and to assessing a navigation session in terms of transitional volatility, habituation, and predictability.... Part III will present and discuss an empirical study of the effects of transitional volatility, based upon a proposed model of disorientation resulting from page-to-page transitions. The study will investigate influences on user behavior, disorientation, and perceptions of a Web site." Read the thesis...

In addition, David has provided an excellent academic reference reading list for those interested in issues related to web navigation. See the reading list...

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