April 2003

  April 03, 2003  

Breadcrumb Navigation: An Exploratory Study of Usage
From Usability News, "In an attempt to better understand how, when, or even if, users use breadcrumb navigation in a...
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This site is another great color resource, including tools for color matching, color harmony, searches for colors by name in...
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"IndyJunior is a fully customizable map which you can use to easily display your geographic location. Joshua Davis did it...
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Improving WEB Page Revisitation: Analysis, Design and Evaluation
"We report our findings across five categories of revisitation research: characterisations of user behaviour; system models of navigation and their...
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Cynthia Says Accessibility Validator
"Cynthia is a web content accessibility validation solution, it is designed to identify errors in design related to Section 508...
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The Impact of Paging vs. Scrolling on Reading Online Text Passages
From Usabilty News, "[i]n this study, we examined the use of paging vs. scrolling in reading passages, including participants' reading...
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