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  July 25, 2002  


"FacetMap is the first public tool that realizes your data, that maps a bunch of resources to a bunch of facets so anyone can browse your system. So we hope you like it. You can express your facet map in plain text, or in an XML format we've designed. And soon we'll support other formats that share our purpose." Visit the website...

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  July 11, 2002  

Endeca's Guided Navigation Product

According to Endeca itself, "Guided Navigation.. is the best way for your organization and your customers to find exactly what they are looking for. ...Guided Navigation ... delivers the information results you need in a precise context and then presents further options to refine and explore through search, navigation and analytics. ... Enable knowledge workers to analyze enterprise data far more productively. Help online customers efficiently and quickly find what they are looking for and buy more items more easily." Hype aside, what Endeca is providing is a faceted classification and search system. Visit Endeca...

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  July 10, 2002  

After the Dot-Bomb: Getting Information Retrieval Right this Time

From a First Monday article by Marcia Bates, "In the excitement of the "dot-com" rush of the 1990's, many Web sites were developed that provided information retrieval capabilities poorly or sub-optimally. Suggestions are made for improvements in the design of Web information retrieval in seven areas. Classifications, ontologies, indexing vocabularies, statistical properties of databases (including the Bradford Distribution), and staff indexing support systems are all discussed." Read the article...

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  July 02, 2002  

The Flamenco Project

One of the Bailando Projects associated with UC Berkeley's Group for User Interface Research, the Flamenco Project posits that, "The rapidly expanding size and complexity of information collections necessitates new interfaces for exploring, searching, and understanding their contents. The Flamenco project investigates how to effectively incorporate large, faceted category hierarchies into information access user interfaces. " More about Flamenco...

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