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  June 19, 2002  

Best of chi-web & sigia-l

"Using the archives for each mailing list, I've compiled a list of the summary postings from useful threads, and a few personally selected favorite postings. Please note: my list below is not an exhaustive list of summary postings. I just picked the ones I found most salient and valuable for reference. Also, these summaries are collections of contributing posts: they are a mixture of opinions and commentary, with some references to reports, usability data, websites or books." An excellent resource from Scott Burken of UIWeb. See the summary posting list...

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  June 11, 2002  


"The Cafe serves as a forum for unmoderated discussions of information design issues." These discussions tend to have a more Continental flavor to them than the SIGIA-L discussions. Go to the list home page...

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  June 06, 2002  


This is the discussion list for IAs. Volume can be fairly high, anywhere from 10 to 50 messages in a day, depending upon the current level of debate raging on any of a number of issues.

The list is hosted by ASIS&T, but you don't have to be an ASIS&T member to join. Join the list... or Scan the archives...

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Design-Research Discussion List

This list is a once-a-month distribution of the Design Research News list of upcoming events, conferences and related items. Check out the list...

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