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  December 09, 2002  


"Grokker builds precise and detailed knowledge maps containing visual cues and relationships between the data. The map itself contains powerful metadata that vividly describes the “nature” of the data collection. Grokker enables map generation and the ability to collaborate, extend, edit, delete, save, and share any attribute or subset of the map. The actual records, such as HTML pages, are accessed by traversing the web with a web browser. This approach allows Grokker to negotiate any type of network, file system, or database saving time, resources, and most importantly, generates far more useful results." This tool from Groxis looks interesting, and a preview release is available, but I'm pretty sure it isn't the tool IAs have been waiting for. Check out Grokker...

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  October 26, 2002  


According to Sean Carton's on ClickZ Today article, this is "The Best IA Tool You Never Heard Of". Sean says, "It really shines as an IA tool. It allows you to quickly prototype maps of information, establishing links between ideas (or pages or nodes), sites, or other files. Tinderbox is the perfect replacement for those "sticky note" sessions so many information architects are used to. Just start brainstorming, get all the elements that need to be on your site in one place, view them in one of five different views, arrange, link --and you're ready to go. Tinderbox even exports as HTML, so it's possible to create entire prototype sites from your Tinderbox sessions." I haven't used it, but it sounds interesting. Check out Tinderbox...

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  October 14, 2002  

The ILUs are here!

" has launched a first-of-its-kind series of Flash tools called ILUs. The ILUs are Interactive tools that help student and professionals in their design work. The Color Calculator is the first application in this series; it provides the user with the ability to identify color schemes or harmonies for any design project, by controlling a series of menus and tools." See the ILUs...

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  July 26, 2002  


Another flowcharting tool, this one recommended on SIGIA-L by Christina Wodtke. "allCLEAR enables you to try different what-if scenarios and simulations without actually experimenting with the real thing. And by incorporating data into your analysis, you get a true bottom-line view of what's happening or would happen. Then, deploy your results to your staff, the executive team and stakeholders throughout your enterprise to win buy-in for the new process." Visit their website...

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"RFFlow is a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for drawing flowcharts, organization charts, and many other kinds of diagrams. You will quickly create professional-looking charts for documents, presentations, or the Web." Visit the RFFlow website...

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  July 02, 2002  

Suede: Prototyping Tool for Speech User Interfaces

More from the folks at UC Berkeley's Group for User Interface Research, "Speech-based user interfaces are growing in popularity. Unfortunately, the technology expertise required to build speech UIs precludes many individuals from participating in the speech interface design process. Furthermore, the time and knowledge costs of building even simple speech systems make it difficult for designers to iteratively design speech UIs. We have developed SUEDE, a speech interface prototyping tool allowing designers to rapidly create prompt/response speech interfaces. It offers an electronically supported Wizard of Oz (WOz) technique that captures test data, allowing designers to analyze the interface after testing. This informal tool enables user interface designers, even non-experts, to quickly create, test, and analyze speech UI prototypes. " Check out Suede...

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Denim and Silk

From the fertile minds at UC Berkeley's Group for User Interface Research, "DENIM is a system that helps web site designers in the early stages of design. DENIM supports sketching input, allows design at different refinement levels, and unifies the levels through zooming. " Check out Denim...

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  July 01, 2002  

IBM's Ease of Use Website

Another collection of useful resources, including some downloadable tools, from IBM, "Ease of Use is vital to the success of most products and services. The user experience directly affects sales, service cost, productive use, customer loyalty and almost every other aspect of doing business. This site addresses the challenge of creating great user experiences through the discipline of User Engineering, supported by design guidelines, tools, services and other relevant materials." Visit the website...

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  June 30, 2002  

Usable Tools: Usability Logger

"Usability Logger is a project based application. It acts as a repository for multiple participant’s usability session data. While other loggers store one participant’s data in one file, Usability Logger allows you to create a project and define all participants involved and all common tasks/scenarios." See the tool...

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  June 17, 2002  

Vizcheck and Daltonize

Software for simulating the three main types of color blindness and correcting images for colorblind viewers. The software can either be run over the internet or on your local machine, and it's free. Visit the website...

Colorfield Insight

Colorfield Insight is a set of Photoshop filters from Colorfield Digital Media that help "web designers address accessibiliy issues in color design, providing filters for the three most common forms of colorblindness. Use Insight to check the legibility of your designs for color-deficient viewers. Insight is exclusively available for the Macintosh." Visit the website...

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  June 14, 2002  

UI Patterns and Techniques

Updated "Each of these patterns (which are more general) and techniques (more specific) are intended to help you solve design problems. They're common problems, and there's no point in reinventing the wheel every time you need, say, a sortable table -- plenty of folks have already done it, and learned how to do it well. Some of that knowledge is written up here, in an easily-digestible format." This is a May 2002 update to an older project (1999) by Jenifer Tidwell. Visit the website...

From the original May 1999 article, "Common Ground: A Pattern Language for Human-Computer Interface Design," by MIT alumna Jenifer Tidwell. "In recent years, parts of the software engineering community have enthusiastically embraced the patterns concept, due in no small part to the 1995 book Design Patterns, by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides. Like the Alexandrian patterns, these patterns of object-oriented software provide design solutions that are concrete enough to immediately put into practice, with good results, and yet are sufficiently abstract to apply to countless situations, limited only by the imagination and skill of the pattern user. " Read the original article...

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  June 11, 2002  

VizBang & Information Architecture Markup Language (IAML)

From Dan Ancona, "IAML is an open XML syntax that describes the structure of the information spaces Vizbang creates. An earlier version of it is described in this whitepaper. The exact syntax has not been finalized, but a brief example and commentary can be found in this post to xml-dev." [About] Visit the Visbang website...

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