July 02, 2002  

The Flamenco Project

One of the Bailando Projects associated with UC Berkeley's Group for User Interface Research, the Flamenco Project posits that, "The rapidly expanding size and complexity of information collections necessitates new interfaces for exploring, searching, and understanding their contents. The Flamenco project investigates how to effectively incorporate large, faceted category hierarchies into information access user interfaces. " More about Flamenco...

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  June 15, 2002  

Metadata Creation--Down and Dirty

An introduction to the subject by James L. Weinheimer of Princeton University. "Traditional metadata creation has been practiced for millennia under various names and its techniques have changed tremendously. In its basics however, it has always remained the same. Its fundamental purpose is: to bring similar items together. The idea of bringing similar items together ensures that a user does not have to look in dozens--or hundreds-- of different places for the same thing. These items can be similar in all sorts of ways according to the needs of the collection: it may be items by same author, or items using the same methodology, the same colors, or anything at all." Read the article...

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