December 09, 2002  


Photographer Eric Meyer has put together a really interesting exploration of visual identity by permitting users to mix and match top and bottom halves of various faces. Play with stereotypes...

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  September 29, 2002  

David Rumsey Map Collection

I happen to like maps, particularly old maps that show a view of the world from a viewpoint completely different from my own. I ran across this website not to long ago and wanted to make sure I didn't lose track of the URL. This is a really great collection of scanned maps and related material. Visit the collection...

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  July 26, 2002  

Nigerians Want to Make Me Rich

Musa Ibrahim, the "head a seven man tender board in charge of contract awards and payment approvals" for the Federal Ministry of Aviation in Nigeria, is "convict[ed] of my transparent honesty" and, because of this, would like to offer me the chance to make almost $4 million without any risk to myself. What a nice man!

It's amazing to me the that anyone actually falls for the Nigerian scam. My favorite part of the con solicitation is the final sentence, "only trust can make the reality of this transaction."

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  June 21, 2002  

Odd Site Happenings

I'm playing around with various layouts for my site. Although it's not really the "best practice," I'm doing it live because I'm feeling a little crazy tonight.

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  June 03, 2002  

The Dawning of a New Era

So, yet another attempt at a diarist approach to information collection begins. So far, I've failed twice at this, but — ever the optimist — I try again. This time, I'm a little more optimistic as I have an actual plan for using the system for my own benefit. My links collection, which I put together for myself, has become moribund because it's simply too hard to make the entries quickly enough to keep up with the number of links I'd like to keep adding. Frankly, I don't know where people find the time for some of the sites that I see out there. I appreciate them, but the amount of work is just unbelievable. When do they have time for their own life?

This time, I'm using Movable Type to try and organize the links. We'll see how well the categorization system works. I'm already frustrated that there isn't a multi-level organizational system built in, but that's just the taxonomist in me. Anyway, here goes.

Soon, I'll move it into a new look instead of the default look. This is servicable for the moment, but ultimately not very satisfying.

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