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  June 20, 2002  


Statmarket bills itself as, "the pulse of the internet." I'm not sure about that, but you'll have to pay if you want to find out. Visit

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Browser Stats from Elegant Hack

Christina of Elegant Hack is apparently not maintaining this anymore, but some of the links still work. See the links...

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Netcraft Server Statistics

Netcraft has an interesting set of server statistics, and lets you find out what server types particular sites are running. I've found this tool useful on more than one occasion. Visit Netcraft...

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Macromedia Shockwave and Flash Players Adoption Statistics

Keep in mind this information is being brought to you by Macromedia themselves. See the data...

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NUA Internet Surveys

They bill themselves as, "the worlds leading source for Internet trends and statistics." Some free information. Visit their website...

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Infotech Trends

This is a subscription service that, "provides market data on computers, peripherals, software, storage, the Internet, and communications equipment. Details include forecast sales, forecast shipments, market share, installed base, and industry trends. You can search 1,000s of data entries abstracted from leading industry journals. We have published this information since 1984." Visit their website...

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