October 14, 2002  

Digital Web Magazine

"Digital Web Magazine is an online magazine intended for professional web designers. The magazine consists primarily of work contributed by web artists and authors, as well as by others who occasionally delve into the realm of web design."[About] It really is quite good most of the time. Read Digital Web Magazine...

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  September 12, 2002  


A long-running and well-organized collection of thoughts and links on all issues related to web design/development and beyond. I hadn't visited in quite some time, but I've always like the way that xBlog is organized, and now I see that the site has been redesigned since I last looked and the category list bears an ever-so-slight resemblance to my own. I swear I didn't copy from them, and I'm pretty sure they didn't copy from my rather small circulation efforts. It's just another example of synchronicity. Visit xBlog...

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  September 11, 2002  

Boxes and Arrows

"Boxes and Arrows is a peer-written journal dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of this community, through the sharing of exemplary technique, innovation and informed opinion." [from About] And the good thing is, the journal is actually successful in accomplishing this task. Read Boxes and Arrows...

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A comprehensive source for news for the Interaction Design/Information Architecture community, including a useful list of current events and upcoming conferences. Visit InfoDesign...

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"A Weblog on online content and everything that entails." I like it because the writing is clean, clear and more than a little bit nasty. Read NUblog...

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An excellent and long running (since March of 2000) web design/development weblog, this one from Giant Ant Design. Visit Antenna...

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A Slashdot-style website devoted to all things IA related. Visit IASlash...

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In my opinion, one of the best resources not just on usability but also information architecture and web design in general. To quote the About page, " is a mission driven by John S. Rhodes, to provide you with outstanding usability information for all of your Internet endeavors. The site is devoted to helping you improve your Internet presence. is unique in that it takes a very broad approach to usability and human factors. John gives you quality information about everything from the usability of email to reading on the web to gaining the trust of your users." Visit WebWord...

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Usability InfoCentre

A compilation of links to other articles and original content from the folks at Frontend in Dublin, Ireland. Visit the Usability InfoCentre....

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  June 30, 2002  

A List Apart

"For people who make websites." Lots of good articles about both the mechanics and philosophy of making websites. Go to the website...

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  June 27, 2002  

Usability News (British HCI Group)

A project of the British HCI Group, this site provides articles and information on usability issues from a British perspective. Read the Usability News...

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