July 23, 2002  

Genre and Multimodality: a computer model of genre in document layout

"The GeM project is developing the first XML annotation scheme for multilayered description of illustrated documents. The GeM framework allows layout, rhetorical structure, content and language of different text types to be represented and interrogated." Looks like this might be of interest for IA documentation. Visit the website...

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  July 03, 2002  

An XML Framework for Coordinating Creative and Technical Design

From Gordon Bennet of Intranet Journal, "In this article, we'll look at the cultural clash between three groups often involved in Web projects: front-end developers, information architects and visual designers. Then I'll describe an XML-based framework I used successfully to expedite production of a 600-page commercial Web site. " Read the article...

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  June 15, 2002  

Metadata Creation--Down and Dirty

An introduction to the subject by James L. Weinheimer of Princeton University. "Traditional metadata creation has been practiced for millennia under various names and its techniques have changed tremendously. In its basics however, it has always remained the same. Its fundamental purpose is: to bring similar items together. The idea of bringing similar items together ensures that a user does not have to look in dozens--or hundreds-- of different places for the same thing. These items can be similar in all sorts of ways according to the needs of the collection: it may be items by same author, or items using the same methodology, the same colors, or anything at all." Read the article...

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  June 11, 2002  

VizBang & Information Architecture Markup Language (IAML)

From Dan Ancona, "IAML is an open XML syntax that describes the structure of the information spaces Vizbang creates. An earlier version of it is described in this whitepaper. The exact syntax has not been finalized, but a brief example and commentary can be found in this post to xml-dev." [About] Visit the Visbang website...

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