April 03, 2003

Breadcrumb Navigation: An Exploratory Study of Usage

From Usability News, "In an attempt to better understand how, when, or even if, users use breadcrumb navigation in a real-time online environment, we conducted an exploratory study to determine if participants use breadcrumbs when given a list of items to find on a website. In addition, we were interested in monitoring what other navigational methods they use to access information or e-commerce items (i.e., Back button, navigation bars, search)." Read the study...

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This site is another great color resource, including tools for color matching, color harmony, searches for colors by name in popular color collections, color calculations in different spaces, and monitor calibration, among others. Check out the resource...

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"IndyJunior is a fully customizable map which you can use to easily display your geographic location. Joshua Davis did it first, but we do it with an XML data file and a whole host of configurable options. Feed IndyJunior some latitude and longitude coordinates and you'll be plotting your course like an Indiana Jones movie in no time." This website add on looks pretty cool, and it's free. Check it out...

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Improving WEB Page Revisitation: Analysis, Design and Evaluation

"We report our findings across five categories of revisitation research: characterisations of user behaviour; system models of navigation and their impact on the user’s understanding; interface methods for increasing the efficiency of the Back button; alternative system models for navigation; and alternative methods for presenting web navigation histories. The behaviour characterisation shows that revisitation is a dominant activity, with an average of four out of five page visits being to previously seen pages. It also shows that the Back button is heavily used, but poorly understood. Three interface strategies for improving web page revisitation are described." Read the study...

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Cynthia Says Accessibility Validator

"Cynthia is a web content accessibility validation solution, it is designed to identify errors in design related to Section 508 standards and the WCAG guidelines. The main purpose of this portal is to educate web site developers in the development Web Based content that is accessible to all. This online test only validates one page at a time. Note this demo will test about one (1) page per minute / per site." Check out the validator...

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