Information Architecture and Application Design

What follows is a list of my employers and some specific projects I've worked on, which is not the same thing as a list of all of the work that I've done in website and software application design.

Bank of America
Interaction Designer
September 2002 - Present

Bank of America is the largest and most successful online bank in the world. My area of responsibility is the information architecture of the online bill pay system within the authenticated online banking system. In 2002, I was responsible for the complete redesign of the online banking application. Although I came to the project after initial concept development and usability testing had been completed, I was in large part responsible for the overall direction and implementation of an extensive redesign of the online bill pay application.

Since the release of the first redesign in Summer 2003, we have released a second iteration in Fall 2003, and are currently in the midst of addtional design iterations to be released in the coming year.

Merrill-Hall New Media
Chief Information Officer & Senior Information Architect
November 1999 - Present

Merrill-Hall New Media is a website and database application development firm originally formed by two people I met through the Information Design and Technology program at Georgia Tech. Late in 1999, they were looking to round out their offerings to clients in the web application field and brought me in as a business partner to fill a void in information architecture and experience design. In addition to my skills in information architecture and experience design, Merrill-Hall specializes in programming and database design for complex XML-based networked applications.

Unfortunately for my on-line portfolio, many of my most complex applications reside behind firewalls or other password protections. If we happen to meet in person, I can show you the really interesting stuff in action. Otherwise, you can really only see the less complicated publicly available work at this point.

IBM Interactive Design Studio
Senior Information Designer
June 1998 - May 2000

I began working for the Interactive Design Studio when it was still flying under the radar of most of the IBM corporation and Atlanta was the only high-end web design center in IBM. In the post-Y2k world, the Design Studio has been absorbed into IBM's Global Services unit and IBM since opened, closed and re-opened a number of other centers around the US and the world, all based upon the Atlanta Studio model.

Among the clients that I've worked with are Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad,, PGA Tour, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Starwood Resorts and many others. Amazingly, some of this work is actually still up and available on the web.

GVU Center, Georgia Tech
January 1998 - June 1999

As webmaster for the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center, I was responsible for keeping the entire site in working order, creating new content as necessary, and for designing many of the graphics on the main part of the site. Additional responsibilities include planning for implementation of new technologies and areas of the site, as well as designing various related portions of the site.

Some Freelance and the Older Stuff

As a freelancer in 1997, I did site redesigns for UNICEF Atlanta, since defunct, and The Sentencing Project (archived here), among others. Some really old stuff, which you can see archived on this site includes Arizona International Campus and Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope production facility, both from early 1996. At this point, these sites are mostly interesting for amusement purposes.