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Graduate Schools

When I decided to change careers, I went about it in a half-assed way for a while. I continued to work as a lawyer and also had a side business doing web design on a small scale. At the end of 1996, I realized that if I didn't just quit being a lawyer, sheer inertia would prevent me from making the jump at all and eventually I'd be dragged back into the law full time. So, I looked around for a degree program that would permit me to immerse myself in the web business and at the same time give me the excuse to stop practicing law. Fortunately, my wife was supportive of what I wanted to do and so we came to Atlanta to get me a shiny new degree.

Georgia Institute of Technology
Information Design and Technology
M.S., June 1999
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The Masters Program in Information Design and Technology is a multi-disciplinary education in the design and analysis of electronically mediated communication. Students are exposed to the tools, forms and genres of electronic communication, as well as educated in how social, cultural and cognitive theory define communication problems and environments.

San Francisco State University
Multimedia Studies Program
Winter - Fall 1995

SFSU was one of the first schools to offer a program in multimedia studies. The courses were offered through what was then known—and maybe still is known—as the Downtown Center. This was my first exposure to the website design industry and provided an invaluable introduction to important issues. Classes I took included Digital Photography, Authoring Software, Content Acquisistion for the World Wide Web, and Law for Multimedia.

Law School

Through a combination of luck, hard work, circumstance and intention I ended up at law school and became a criminal defense lawyer.

University of California at Berkeley
Boalt Hall School of Law
J.D., June 1989
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The Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley is perennially ranked among the top law schools in the country. My education at Boalt Hall focused in large part on public international law, although for some reason I spent the next eight years practicing criminal law instead.