It's All About Me

These are all of those bits of personal information that are for public consumption, essentially a glorified resume. In fact, you could just view my resume ([pdf] or [ascii]) if you want and skip these pages altogether.

If you want to explore a bit, this is what you'll find:


Over the years, I've worked for a number of different people, including myself, doing a wide variety of things, many of them at the same time. My work history since 1986 falls into two broad career categories, website and software application development and the law. For the sake of those with no interest in one or the other of these categories, I split my employment history into separate screens.

In addition to these jobs, I've also spent time as a warehouse worker, trucker (not big rigs, just a 20 foot reefer), construction laborer, carpenter's apprentice, research assistant to one of my law professors, legislative intern to a U.S. congressman, volunteer for Amnesty International, and probably a few other things I've forgotten about.


I have more than a few years of school under my belt, but not nearly so many as some of my friends who have gotten a PhD. or in some cases a PhD. and some other degrees as well. The odd thing is that after being out of school for a while I can't wait to get back in; and after being in school for a while I can't wait to get out. My post-graduate education came in two distinct phases while my undergraduate schooling was nearly a straight shot.