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04/15/2001 Entry: "Stormy Weather"

Starting around 2am last night, we've had a line of thunderstorms moving through Atlanta, and they're still coming. Jack, our dog, is terrified of thunder. He crawls under the covers while we are sleeping and despite the fact that temperatures in the house are quite warm. If the weather doesn't wake us up, then one of us will get too hot or roll over onto the drool puddle and kick him out. Then he tries to crawl under the bed, quite a difficult feat for an 80 lb. dog when the bed is only 8 inches high. Eventually, we have to lock him in his crate if we want to get any sleep. During the day, he tries to get under the couch, which is only a few inches higher than the bed. If we leave him alone when the weather is bad, we have to put his bed in the bathroom so he can nest there during any thunder storms. When we were on the West Coast, he never seemed to be afraid of thunder, but shortly after we moved to Atlanta there was a big fireworks show visible from our back deck here in Midtown and Jack was petrified. Ever since then, large booms cause him to cower in fear.