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05/21/2001 Entry: "Happy Hospital Time"

Checked into the hospital at 5:30 this morning for an 8am procedure. A pretty simple thing, really, but it took forever. I didn't leave until 12:30pm, even though I was feeling fine and ready to go by 10:30. I guess insurance liability issues trump all other considerations. Anyway, there are few things that can more quickly reduce you to a feeling of helplessness than being in a hospital. You have no control over anything that happens to you. Someone tells you where to go. Another person, or set of persons does things like take your vitals or put in an IV, whether you want it or not. Then, after waiting around almost three hours, another guy comes in and wheels the bed out of the staging area and into the room for the main event. A doctor comes in, says a little bit about what he's going to do, and bam!, it's all over but the waiting.