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06/12/2001 Entry: "Citybike"

One of the things I miss about living in the Bay Area is walking by a row of newspaper boxes and noticing a new issue of Citybike. If you ride motorcycles, you can't help but like this newspaper, and it's free too. Anyway, just checked out the latest issue online (they only put a few articles up out of each issue) and realized once again why I like that paper so much. This is from this month's column by Maynard Hershon. It's hard to imagine something that speaks more of riding motorcycles and of living in the Bay Area.

You sit at a light next to a dark-eyed woman in a print dress in an old Ford station wagon. The instant the light changes, she gasses it, turns right, cuts you off brutally. You yell something not quite coherent at her. She shakes her fist at you: It's YOUR fault! You're SCUM!
You see her three days later, same light. She honks. You look into the old Ford wagon. She's made a little biker doll. It's wearing a tiny white Nolan helmet and, ohmigawd, a jacket just like yours! She pushes a hat-pin through the doll and smiles at you. The light goes green.
You ride anyway.