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08/14/2001 Entry: "Ride West--Equipment"

I would do the ride on the motorcycle that I ride everyday as my sole means of transportation around Atlanta (except on weekends when Lou is home and I can drive her car), a 1998 BMW K1200RS purchased used in 1999. To the stock K12, I added a set of Motolights and an Autocomm Pro M1 intercom/music system. I got a Creative Nomad Jukebox MP3 player, on which I loaded somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 CDs. For riding gear, I purchased some lightweight bicycling shirts and a pair of quickdry lightweight pants. I also got some of those tight exercise shorts to wear in place of regular underwear as I find cotton briefs or boxers to be extremely uncomfortable to wear when riding any significant distances during hot weather. Over this, I would wear my two-piece Aerostich Roadcrafter suit. For my feet, I had some athletic socks made of Coolmax fabric and Goretex Alpinestar riding boots. My helmet is a full-face Arai Quantum/e. The bike was loaded with BMW hardbags into which I put a minimum of items, including my laptop, and a mid-size waterproof duffel made by Helen Two-Wheels.