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08/25/2001 Entry: "Ride West--Days Eight through Eleven (Aug. 13-16)"

Begin: Oakland, CA
End: Oakland, CA
Distance: 158 miles (22376-22534)

I spent Monday through Thursday hanging out with old friends, meeting some of their new babies, and generally relaxing. On Monday morning, I washed several thousand miles of bugs and road grime off of the bike and cleaned out my saddlebags. On Monday evening, I had a fabulous massage, which reduced the fatigue I had been feeling in my upper arms from leaning on the handlebars and reduced the pain in my hips and knees from the my riding position.

I didn't really do much riding around town except to get to places I wanted to go, which included several jaunts into the City, a trip to Marin and a trip down to XeroxPARC on the Peninsula. All in all, it was a very relaxing interlude.

The only downer was when I opened my saddlebags on Sunday night after I arrived in Oakland and found that the heat in the left-side bag had been so intense that it melted the plastic container of oil I was carrying and ruined everything in the saddlebag. Fortunately, I wasn't carrying anything crucial in there, but I did have to throw away my cargo net, a strap for one of my bags, and all of my AAA tryptichs and books.