My Work as an Information Architect

Over the years, I've worked on many interesting projects. Much of the documentation that I've developed, not to mention many of the most interesting ideas, are not something that I can show to a general audience. There are some things, however, that I can share, and this is where I plan to do so.

Another Look at What an Information Architect Does

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This PDF document (10Kb) presents the results of an April 2001 survey of Information Architect job descriptions listed on and during the first quarter of 2001. The data presentation format is intentionally--and with permission--based upon a July 2000 survey done by Jesse James Garret so as to provide a basis for comparision with the earlier survey.

Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC)

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Website and Application Re-Design: In 2001, APPIC called on Merrill-Hall to help their existing website and their online directory better meet the needs of the thousands of people who depend on it for crucial information about potential jobs and employees. My role on this project was extensive, including creative direction, information architecture, content analysis, data model analysis, HTML markup, and project management. Read more...

Cartoon Network Online

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Information Architect Position Analysis: In 2001, Cartoon Network Online retained my company, Merrill-Hall, to evaluate their then current development process flow to try and discover where best to fit an Information Architect in the process with little or no disruption to their existing work flow. Read more...

Georgia Center for Character Education (GCCE)

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Website Redesign: GCCE originally operated their website as a subsite of another larger entity. In 2001, I helped GCCE develop its own identity as a separate Website entity, including development of a new visual identity and a reorganization of the information structure to reflect the new separate identity for the organization website. In this relatively small project, I fulfilled every role except for graphic designer and ASP programmer, including information architect, creative director, project manager, HTML markup and production artist. GCCE was absorbed by a larger entity in 2002 and is no longer a live website.

Georgia Humanities Council (GHC)

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Website Redesign: GHC has been promoting Georgia's unique cultural heritage since its founding in 1971. To better serve the citizens of the state, the Council called upon Merrill-Hall in 2000 to redesign the GHC web site. In creating the website, I started from scratch, working with GHC to completely rethink the purpose and goals of the Website. For this project, I functioned as information architect, project manager, and creative director.Visit the GHC website...

New Georgia Encyclopedia, a Case Study

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Complex Website and Network-based Application Design and Development: The New Georgia Encyclopedia (NGE) presented a formidable challenge: to encompass the entire history, geography, and culture of the State. In doing so, NGE wanted to draw upon the unique opportunities of multimedia and the Web while still maintaining the authority and completeness of the traditional encyclopedia. My primary role on this project was as the information architect, but I also served as the creative director, occasional project manager, meeting facilitator, HTML markup person, and pinch hit as a production artist when the circumstances required. The design and development process began in November 1999 and encompassed two separate custom applications, a publicly accessible Website and a restricted-access content management system. The beta launch of NGE will take place in late 2002. In my case study, I examine the development of a single element of the overall applications from concept through implementation. Read the case study...