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Information Architecture

Information architecture, sometimes also known as information design (although many people would vociferously argue that they are quite different things), is what I primarily do for a living. Despite the fact that I have a Masters degree in Information Design and Technology, like many practitioners I'm still struggling with a proper definition of the field. When people ask me what it is, I fall back on the following: Information Architecture is the art, craft and science of taking frequently large and chaotic agglomerations of information and reducing them to a form in which the intended user can readily discern the narrative that he or she wishes to investigate. Yes, it's vague and not well supported, but what the hell.

IA Portfolio

As you might expect, my IA portfolio contains some examples of my own work as an information architect.

Area 7

I used to also keep links to resources that I've found useful over the past several years in this part of my website, organized according to my needs. I've now ported these links over to my weblog, Area 7. Although I haven't deleted the former pages, I no longer link to them and they are not kept up at all.

Currently, there is information relevant to the following topics in Area 7: