I suppose that eventually I will have a series of projects in process. Right now, the main project outside of my business that I that I have time for is

Old Projects

Old Versions of My Personal Website: I only have a few previous versions of my personal website. Versions 0.1 through 1.x (1995-97) are lost to posterity, and probably we're all better off because of that. There are lots of dead links in these previous versions, particularly Vers. 3.0 since it was never finished, but then I'm not motivated to fix them at this point. Anyway, feel free to check them out:

Tibet Bicycle Trip Journal: I just read through this again for the first time when adding this link and it's actually kind of interesting. Too bad I never finished it. As you might expect, some of the links are dead. Also, don't use the mailto button because that account hasn't existed since 1996.

Book Cover: Back in 1997, I did the cover for this book of poetry by Renny Christopher, who writes about coming of age during and after the Viet Nam war. My cover design was developed using Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, and Pagemaker to manipulate and combine original photographs by Carolyn Whitson (author's photo), Lucille Hanh Clarke (woman draped in U.S. flag), and David Berman (Viet Nam and California war memorials), into a unified design evoking the ties between Viet Nam and California.